The Truth about Coated Cubic Zirconia; Beware of Low Quality

quality cz jewelryWe commonly hear from consumers as they research cubic zirconia (CZ) quality grades. As expert CZ jewelry manufacturers, we encourage our customers to ask questions. Just like any major purchase, it’s important to ensure you’re making a wise decision. A common question we hear is:

“Are your CZ coated?”


We’re always happy to educate our customers about cubic zirconia quality grades and treatments; after all it’s part of the research process. Before you purchase a coated CZ jewelry piece, consider this:

Coated CZ Jewelry

In all respect to dealers who coat their stones, coating CZ jewelry provides a temporary coverage which some will lead you to believe yields a higher quality cubic zirconia. We believe that on a lower quality stone, a coating may indeed enhance appearance. However, over time the coating wears off revealing the imperfections of the stone. At Birkat Elyon we encourage our customers to invest in high quality CZ jewelry that doesn’t require coating or other treatments to achieve the look of fine diamonds. By investing in quality CZ, you can rest assured that your jewelry will continue to dazzle for years to come.

The Birkat Elyon Difference

At Birkat Elyon we produce the most superior CZ jewelry on the market today. Using only the highest quality Russian formula to create virtually flawless CZ stones; we guarantee the quality of our CZ jewelry. In fact our commitment to precision produces CZ with a purity level of 99.9%. Our CZ stones are not coated. There is no need to coat, dip or treat our CZ stones at the time of purchase; or in the future. When you purchase from us, you’ll receive CZ stones that are guaranteed to maintain their brilliance for years to come.

If you’re currently in the market for CZ jewelry, we encourage you to shop for superior quality. Take your time and select a piece that will be worth the investment for years to come!

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