What is the Best Cubic Zirconia on the Market?

With nearly 27 years in the CZ industry we are always happy to share our knowledge with consumers just like you. One of the questions we often hear is “what is the best cubic zirconia on the market?”
what is the best cubic zirconia

As some of the most celebrated CZ manufacturers in the world, we’re always happy to answer this one. As a matter of fact, our CZ is the best cubic zirconia on the market. Why? For several reasons:

Cubic zirconia was first formulated in a Russian laboratory in the 1970’s, as an affordable diamond alternative, for use with laser technology. It is this original Russian formula, which can only be created through the use of the highest quality rough materials available, that creates superior quality cubic zirconia. At Birkat Elyon we use this Russian formula with each and every stone we create, yielding CZ stones with a purity level of 99.9%

Once formulated, our cubic zirconia are each hand cut and polished using the same precision used to refine the world’s finest diamonds. Unlike mass produced CZ, which are cut and polished on a machine, our cubic zirconia boast a luminosity which is actually more brilliant than most diamonds.

Quality Guarantee:
At Birkat Elyon we guarantee the quality of each and every cubic zirconia we produce. We replace, or repair, your jewelry in the unlikely event that there is a flaw in our design or craftsmanship. When you purchase Birkat Elyon CZ you can rest assured that you’re purchasing a piece that will last a lifetime!

There you have it! What is the best cubic zirconia on the market? Birkate Elyon CZ—of course!

Have questions? Contact us today and speak to one of our master jewelers.  We will be happy to discuss our quality guarantee and help you select the perfect cubic zirconia. If we can’t help you find exactly what you’re looking for we’ll be happy help you design a custom piece!

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